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Pakistan lacks development of high-end medical devices.Our company’s innovative engineering will produce medical devices cost-effectively for the first time in Pakistan in order to benefit the society and improve health standards.

Financial Collapse

Under the currently available kidney failure treatment therapy in Pakistan patients cannot continue earning bread and butter for families and eventually face financial constraints. Byonyks medical devices will allow the patients to have a productive and active lifestyle.


61% of the Pakistan’s population suffering from kidney failure do not have access to dialysis. The portable devices’ designs of Byonyks will be able to reach every corner of the country.

Mech Eng

is the heart of medical devices

Electrical Engineering

is like the five senses of a medical device

Embedded Software

is the brain of a medical device

Government Approvals

Medical devices have to be approved by Govt. In the USA its (FDA), Europe(CE) Europe and (DRAP) in Pakistan.

Medical Knowledge

A very specific domain knowledge and prior experience is required to engineer a medical device

Facts About Kidney Failure

Did you know?

Underserved Dialysis Patients

Pakistani kidney patients do not have access to dialysis.

Kidney Patients Globally

More than 40 million people are affected by CKDV.

Hepatitis C Infections

In Pakistan, 60% of the dialysis patients contract HCV from dialysis centers

US Budget Spending

USA spends 1% of its national budget on dialysis alone, more than its Education and NASA spending.

World Population

10% of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD), and millions die each year because they do not have access to affordable treatment.

CKD Ranking

Chronic kidney disease was ranked 27th in the list of causes of the total number of deaths worldwide in 1990 but rose to 18th in 2010. This degree of movement up the list was second only to that for HIV and AIDs

Developing Countries

In middle-income countries, treatment with dialysis or kidney transplantation creates a huge financial burden for the majority of the people who need it. In another 112 countries, many people cannot afford treatment at all, resulting in the death of over 1 million people annually from untreated kidney failure.


In the US, treatment of chronic kidney disease is over $50 billion per year. Treatment for kidney failure consumes 6.7% of the total Medicare budget to care for less than 1% of the covered population.


In China, the economy will lose US$558 billion over the next decade due to effects on death and disability attributable to heart disease and kidney disease.


In England, according to a recent report published by NHS Kidney Care, chronic kidney disease costs more than breast, lung, colon and skin cancer combined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Byonyks Medical Devices is a company aiming to bring low-cost, affordable and widely accessible state-of-the-art medical technology innovations to the developing world. These innovations are being widely used in the developed world for over 20 years however patients in the developing world are yet to benefit from them.

No! Though Byonyks Medical Devices has its presence in Pakistan and USA, we are developing innovations that will be available across the developing world.

Byonyks Medical Devices is in its first year of innovations. We are working on our first medical device innovation that will benefit thousands of dialysis patients across the world. It takes a good amount of time, focus and dedication to develop life-saving technologies.

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